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Welcome to FamNet, the on-line Family History Network for those with a New Zealand connection! This is where you can interact with the FamNet community: post your views, read old newsletters, and so on. Most of this is freely available, you will not even need to register for most things on this page.

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FamNet sends newsletters to people who have registered on any of the Famnet web sites. Current and previous newsletters can be read here.  This list might also include newsletters from member groups.
 Group IDDateTitle
SelectFamNet30 May 2017June_2017
SelectFamNet02 May 2017May_2017
SelectFamNet03 Apr 2017April_2017
SelectFamNet06 Mar 2017March_2017
SelectFamNet02 Feb 2017February_2017
SelectFamNet15 Dec 2016December_2016
SelectFamNet08 Nov 2016November_2016
SelectFamNet05 Oct 2016October_2016
SelectFamNet03 Sep 2016September_2016
SelectFamNet17 Jul 2016July_2016
SelectFamNet30 Apr 2016April_2016
SelectFamNet17 Mar 2016March_2016
SelectFamNet31 Jan 2016January_2016
SelectFamNet01 Dec 2015December_2015
SelectFamNet27 Oct 2015October_2015
SelectFamNet15 Sep 2015September_2015
SelectFamNet23 Jul 2015July_2015
SelectFamNet31 May 2015May_2015
SelectFamNet28 Apr 2015April_2015
SelectFamNet07 Mar 2015March_2015
SelectFamNet30 Jan 2015January_2015
SelectFamNet11 Dec 2014December_2014
SelectFamNet27 Oct 2014October_2014
SelectFamNet24 Sep 2014September_2014
SelectFamNet30 Aug 2014August_2014
SelectFamNet28 Jul 2014July_2014
SelectFamNet29 Jun 2014June_2014
SelectFamNet30 May 2014May_2014
SelectFamNet22 Apr 2014April_2014
SelectFamNet01 Mar 2014March_2014
SelectFamNet31 Jan 2014January_2014
SelectFamNet05 Dec 2013December_2013
SelectFamNet28 Oct 2013October_2013
SelectFamNet27 Sep 2013September_2013
Selectfamnet27 Aug 2013August_2013
Selectfamnet26 Jun 2013June_2013
Selectfamnet29 May 2013May_2013
Selectfamnet25 Apr 2013April_2013
Selectfamnet31 Mar 2013March_2013
Selectfamnet25 Feb 2013February_2013
Selectfamnet24 Jan 2013January_2013
Selectfamnet07 Dec 2012December_2012
Selectfamnet30 Oct 2012October_2012
Selectfamnet28 Sep 2012September_2012
Selectfamnet09 Aug 2012August_2012
Selectfamnet26 Jun 2012June 2012
Selectfamnet29 May 2012May 2012
Selectfamnet21 Apr 2012April 2012
Selectfamnet30 Mar 2012March 2012
Selectfamnet27 Feb 2012February 2012
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