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This Emigrants table has been designed for future expansion, but currently only has data for Emigrants from Clare and Wexford Counties in Ireland.

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  CountyCountryFamily NameGiven NameBirthTownlandParishMarriageDate EmigratedName of ShipEmbarkDisEmbarkSettledAtFamily WebsiteGDB LinkResearcher
SelectWexfordIrelandATKINJohn1823  Hannah FITCHETLY, 1860 at Geelong, Victoria    Geelong, Victoria, AustraliaATKIN, John(1823-1877)judkirkland
SelectWexfordIrelandBAINPeter1858        BAIN, Peter+(1858-1948)francis_S
SelectWexfordIrelandBAINEPeter1858        BAINE, Peter(1858-1948)francis_S
SelectWexfordIrelandBOLGERWilliamabt 1819 Ballyoley Farm12 Aug 1839, Amelia BARNES (1823-1888)     BOLGER, William(1819-1861)pixicato
SelectWexfordIrelandBRADFORDSarah1855 EnniscorthyJoseph Thomas DE CENT (1853-1935), 30 Dec 1884 at Hamilton, NZ.     BRADFORD, Sarah(1855-1902)tonyc
SelectWexfordIrelandBRENNANMichael1779 Garrymile      BRENNAN, Michael(1779-1855)ctpjudd
SelectWexfordIrelandBRENNANMoses1778 Garrymile      BRENNAN, Moses(1778-1842)ctpjudd
SelectWexfordIrelandBRIDSONMichael Vicary1802        BRIDSON, Michael Vicary(1802-1869)psmadge
SelectWexfordIrelandBROWNEllen   George CARROLL in 1870 in Victoria (BDM 1351)     BROWN, Ellen Matilda(1864-1866)dasmurphy
SelectWexfordIrelandBUTLER-HARRISONFrederick Alexander3 Oct 1873Annagh MiddleHollyfort (near Gorey)Euphemia Florence PATON (1885-1955) 22 Jul 19081897'Ionic'LondonWellingtonRakaia Dorie area of Canterbury, New ZealandClick HereBUTLER-HARRISON, Frederick Alexander(1873-1962)Aleeyne
SelectWexfordIrelandBYRNEMary Ann1832  John Bernard COGLEY (1822-1879) abt 1862.     BYRNE, Mary Ann(1832-1910)swanman6
SelectWexfordIrelandCARROLLCatherine Sarahabt 1810  Peter BRADCOCK (1804-1864) on 1 May 1832 at St Peters Richmond NSW..12 Jan 1828'Elizabeth 2'   CARROLL, Catherine Sarah(1810-1899)pixicato
SelectWexfordIrelandCLENDINNENJoseph James1829 Gorey      CLENDINNEN, Joseph James(1829-1879)pat1
SelectWexfordIrelandCOBURNHenry James1837  Harriet DRAKE (1843-1936) in 1863 at Melbourne, Victoria.     COBURN, Henry James(1837-1893)swanman5
SelectWexfordIrelandCOBURNJohn1843        COBURN, John(1843-1939)swanman5
SelectWexfordIrelandCOBURNRebecca1850  Thomas George SUTER (1839-1886) abt 1875.     COBURN, Rebecca(1850-1920)swanman5
SelectWexfordIrelandCOBURNRobert1843  Elizabeth BAXTER, abt 1872     COBURN, Robert(1843-1914)swanman5
SelectWexfordIrelandCOBURNThomas Charles1842        COBURN, Thomas Charles(1842-1859)swanman5
SelectWexfordIrelandCOGLEYJohn Bernard1822  Mary Ann BURNS, abt 1862     COGLEY, John Bernard(1822-1879)swanman5
SelectWexfordIrelandCUSBERTJoseph1802  Alicia WILLIAMS (1797-1879) abt 1823.1842'Margaret' Sydney CUSBERT, Joseph(1802-1883)intreeg
SelectWexfordIrelandDEVEREAUXValentine   Josephine PERRIN in 1895 in Victoria (BDM4288)     
SelectWexfordIrelandDEVEREUXJames John/Morton1822  Johanna O'MARAGH on 9/04/1860 in Victoriaabt 1855Tasmania MelbourneWoodstock, VictoriaDEVEREUX, James Morton(?-1862)dasmurphy
SelectWexfordIrelandDEVEREUXJohn   Elizabeth ROSSITTER in 1872 in Victoria (BDM 2900)     
SelectWexfordIrelandDEVEREUXMargaret   Henry O'BRIEN in 1884 in Victoria (BDM 620)     
SelectWexfordIrelandDEVEREUXMary   James DUNN in 1872 in Victoria (BDM 4132)     
SelectWexfordIrelandDEVEREUXMichael   Rebecca DENBEIGH in 1896 in Victoria (BDM 2756)     
SelectWexfordIrelandDOURNEINJane   William KINNERSLEY (1862-1948) in 1903 in Victoria.     DOURNEIN, Jane(1867-1951)fish
SelectWexfordIrelandDOYLEAnne   Laurence CLARKE in 1867 in Victoria (BDM 514)