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Userid: adele (Adele Pentony-Graham) Email me

Address 3: Carterton. NZ
Phone nbr: 06 379 6402

Genealogy Interests
Early settlers to Carterton District. Featherston WW1 Military Cemetery. Learning history of many early settlers, especially Sir Wm. Stuart-Forbes and Sir Thomas Tancred families. And other folk who have achieved much for NZ. Like Ellen Dougherty, First Registered Nurse, for these folk, I hold a good deal of information to share.. In one way or other these families tie up with Clareville Cemetery.

General Comments
Even though my maiden name is Pentony. I doubt very much if there is a lost soul in NZ related, but please surprise me, I hold a lot on this name and descendants of John my Gt. Gt. Grandfather from Liverpool. thanks.

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